Religion: We are learning all about the season of Lent. We know the ashes we get on Ash Wednesday are from burnt palms from                      the previous years Palm Sunday.  We are also learning about Holy Week and the Easter Triduum. On Fridays we go to                        stations of the cross.

Reading: In reading we are just about to finish the book The Last Safehouse. It is a book about the Underground Railroad. It is a                     combination of facts and historical fiction. There are  pages about The Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman,                                   Frederick Douglas and more mixed in with a story about Eliza a runaway slave and Johanna the Canadian girl whose                       family takes her in. We’ve learned alot!  We will be working on our first book report soon. 

EnglishWe have been super busy. We have recently written animal riddles, limericks, letters to our basketball coaches, and our                     first big report on an animal of our choice. Next, we will turn our reports into power points to present to the class. We                         have also been working on analogies. 

Science: We just finished a unit on rocks and fossils. We even made Jello jigglers to help us understand the concepts of molds                        and casts. Now we are learning about glaciers. 

S.S.:         We are learning about the Mid-West / Great Plains Region. We have learned about the natural resources and how that                       determines the jobs that early settlers first had. We have learned about important historical people, canals, The Great                         Lakes, important port cities, crops, and much much more. Each region we study we do product and state and capital                           maps. By the end of the year we will know all the 50 state capitals!

We enjoyed our field trip to Milikin to see Cirque Zumba Zumba!  Thanks you S.H.O.P. for sending us! Also, thank you to Mrs. McFarland and Mrs. Epley for driving us. We really appreciate it.