Seventh Grade-2018-2019 School Year

7th Grade Weekly Newsletter

April 5, 2019 – Week 32

Special Thanks to Father Joseph Havrilka,

Our Adopt-A-Class Sponsor

Fourth Quarter

Seventh grade will be completing their research papers in the fourth quarter.  The topic of the paper is a famous person.  Students have chosen a composer, a writer, an agricultural engineer, an army general, a comedian, and an actor.  Later in the quarter, they will be doing an interview project with their person.  The students are also working on a play called “The Bottle of Joy” and a poetry anthology project.  In science, students will be learning about animal interactions, earthquakes, and volcanoes.  7th Grade is involved in photography, choir, and track.  Finally, 7th grade offers daily prayers for many people and causes.  We are thankful for Sacred Heart School.