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We are off to a great start in the fourth grade classroom. We have twelve students this year with the addition of a new student. Welcome to Waylon Thompson! We are so glad you can be a part of our classroom and school.

Religion: In religion we are learning about creation and being a good steward to all God has created. We will be writing our own Psalms of thanks. Soon we will be learning about Moses and The Ten Commandments. We will apply the Ten Commandments to our daily lives.

English: In English we have been working on subjects and predicates. We are getting ready to learn about common and proper nous, plural nouns, and possessives. We are being introduced to the Shurley method which is used 4th – 8th grades. We have also written our own classroom version of the story “JUMANJI”, our own personal narrative based on a reading story called “Family Pictures”, and created our own plant and written a description of it.

Science: In science we have been studying plants and plant reproduction. We have looked at the parts of a real flower. We  even have a “discovery table” with interesting plants and plant parts that we have brought into the classroom to share.

S.S.– In social studies we have been learning about maps and map terminology such as latitude, longitude, compass rose, scale,  etc. We are also learning about the different  land forms. We are going to create a physical model of land forms using clay. We are also going to design a map our own country complete with land forms and natural resources.

Reading: In reading we have read stories about plants to go along with our science topic of plants. We read “The Great Kapok Tree” and “Amazing Beans”. Now we are reading “Rikki Tikki Tavi” by Kippling. We watched a Youtube video of a mongoose and cobra fight.

Reminders: Don’t forget to send a dollar for Viola, the African girl we sponsor.

Thank you Tri-County Feed and Seed for being our class sponsor!




Fourth Grade Highlights!





We are always thankful for our class sponsor, Tri-County Feed and Seed!




Denise, Ember, and the Whole Gang!


Our Christmas Program!


Crazy Hat Day! Catholic School’s Week fun!


Our Christmas Program is a great opportunity to give to our parents, family, and the community!


Adding Prayers to our Prayer Tree. We keep others in our prayers of intention.


Ember loves coming to our class! She knows right where to go!


Pajama Day! More Catholic School’s Week fun!


Every day is a learning experience! We just finished reading the novel, Stone Fox!


This is Ember! She belongs to Denise Jones. Denise brought her into our classroom and talked to us about service dogs.


This is Clover our class pet. Denise has let us adopt her for the school year. Ask us about hedgehogs. We’ve done our research and know a lot!