2015 Lucky Leprechaun Winners!

1st  Place    $25,000        Brian and Betsy Best

2nd Place      $5,000        Deb Bearup, G. Hebensteit &Amanda Harmston

3rd Place       $1,000       Martha J. Beeler

4th Place          $500        Nancy Wesselman

5th Place          $500        Aaron Bruns

6th Place          $500        St. Patrick’s Council of Catholic Woman

7th Place          $100        Susan Weddle

8th Place          $100        Dennis & Vicki Pastor

9th Place          $100        Joann Kindermann

10th Place        $100        Marilyn Wall

Welcome to Sacred Heart School

Founded in 1887 by Fr. Ferdinand Stick, named in honor of the Sacred  Heart of Jesus by the Dominicans of Springfield, IL., this school is a  place for the children of Saint Patrick Parish and of the greater Pana  Area, to be formed in the traditions of our Catholic Faith and educated  to be the best students.  We are blessed to have students from  Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.

With our webstite you are able to:

  • Interact with alumni and current parents of SHS students in the forum
  • See what the students are doing in their classrooms
  • View upcoming events and fundraisers
  • Check work schedules for events
  • View Parish content such as weekly Bulletins
  • See what our school needs are and donate directly to certain funds
  • Donate through memorials
  • See your money in action!

We are excited to bring this stuff to Sacred Heart School. So go look around the site and go start interacting  in the forums!

Sacred Heart School’s Mission Statement

Our mission at Sacred Heart School is to provide opportunities for students to actively live the Catholic faith, which will permeate their relationships with the school, family, parish and world.  The school is an extension of our student’s family and an essential component of St. Patrick’s Parish, Pana, Illinois.  Ultimately, Sacred Heart School strives for the spiritual and academic opportunity that will endow students with responsibility and freedom, and with a thoughtful understanding of God’s role in their lives.

Adopt-A-Class Program Update

Thanks to the following

who have taken part in our Adopt-A-Class Program for

school year 2014-2015.


  • Pre-K – Will & Tina Perkins and Amy & Pavi Gill
  • Kindergarten – Bob & Paulette Hall
  • 1st Grade – Pat Whitten
  • 2nd Grade – Mary Katlin Photography, Kelle & Robert Smith & Nilan Endris
  • 3rd Grade – Charlie Weers
  • 4th Grade – Tri County Feed & Seed
  • 5th Grade – Adam & Colysta Ladage and Judy Schoonover
  • 6th Grade – Craig & Patra Deere
  • 7th Grade – Rev. Joseph Havrilka
  • 8th Grade – Dr. Paul, Rhonda, Ron & Cheryl Swenny
  • Art Class – Stacy’s Windows By Design
  • Music Class – Rosemary & Kenneth Horsthemke
  • Technology- A.J. & Sandy Wiss & Morrell Auto Service
  • School Office – Dan & Jolene Beyers